Letter XLIX. On the Shortness of Life

XLIX. On the Shortness of Life


  1. Probably the birthplace of Lucilius.
  2. The Pythagorean. For his views on vegetarianism, and their influence on Seneca, see Ep. cviii. 17 ff.
  3. Source unknown; perhaps, as Hense thinks, from the Hortensius.
  4. An intentional equivocation on the part of Cicero, who intimates that he will “lose no time” in reading them.
  5. Vergil, Aeneid, viii. 385 f.
  6. An example of syllogistic nonsense, quoted also by Gellius, xviii. 2. 9. See also Ep. xlv. 8.
  7. i.e., the timbers of the ship. Compare the same figure in Ep. xxx. 2.
  8. Euripides, Phoenissae, 469 ἁπλοῦς ὁ μῦθος τῆς ἀληθείας ἔφυ.



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The Stoic

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